Bahía de Cádiz

Bahía de San Quitín

Baie de Seine

Baie de Somme

Bangor Flats

Bridgwater Bay

Burry Inlet

Burry Inlet / Three Rivers


Cardiff Bay

Colne Estuary

Dee Estuary


Exe Estuary

Fehmarn Belt

Humber Estuary

Humboldt Bay

Izembek Lagoon



Liverpool Bay

Martin Mere

Menai Strait

Morecambe Bay

Poole Harbour

River Frome

Severn Estuary

Solway Firth

Southampton Water

Strangford Lough

Danish Wadden Sea

North German Wadden Sea

West German Wadden Sea

Dutch Wadden Sea

Dutch Delta

Norfolk Coast

Essex Estuaries

Thames Estuaries

English South Coast

Golfe du Morbihan

French West Coast

Bassin d'Arcachon


Mid Norway

North Norway


Case studies of individual ecology

We have applied individual ecology globally. Each case study typically comprises a data collection / collation phase to understand the animals, the environment and issues. These data are fed into an individual-based model to predict how environmental change may affect the species of concern. Predictions can then be used to inform environmental decision-making.

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