Bahia de Cádiz

March 2008

The Bahia de Cádiz has a diverse range of habitats (e.g. mud and sand flats, saltpans, lagoons and fish farms) and overwintering shorebirds (e.g. black-winged stilt, avocet, Kentish plover, redshank and curlew). The Bahia also supports a wide range of human activities (e.g. shellfishing, recreation, fish farming and salt production), which can create or remove shorebird habitat, increase or decrease bird food supplies or disturb birds.


How do the various human activities in the Bahia influence the mortality rate and body condition of overwintering shorebirds. How could changes in management practices improve the quality of the Bahia for shorebirds.


A model was developed incorporating the main shorebirds found in the Bahia de Cádiz and their invertebrate prey. Data on birds, their prey and habitats were provided by University of Cádiz. Model simulations explored the affect of various changes on shorebird mortality and body condition.



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