Cardiff Bay

Bird species included in model

Common redshank (Tringa totanus)

Environmental issues simulated

Barrage result in a change of habitat area and availability time, and food density / quality. Mitigation through new lagoon.

Recommendations from modelling

Habitat loss reduces redshank survival, but mitigation by creation of higher shore level habitat of 10% of area lost can offset this.

More information

Goss-Custard, J. D., Burton, N. H. K., Clark, N. A., Ferns, P. N., McGrorty, S., Reading, C. J., Rehfisch, M. M., Stillman, R. A., Townend, I., West, A. D. & Worral, D. H. (2006) Test of a behaviour-based individual-based model: increased winter mortality in a shorebird following habitat loss. Ecological Applications, 16, 2215-2222.


Centre for Ecology and Hydrology