Southampton Water UK – Shorebirds

February 2012

Southampton water contains a major port and several industrial developments, as well as supporting important populations of overwintering shorebirds. New developments can be important for local economies, but may reduce the quality of a site for shorebirds.


How can behaviour-based models help to reduce these conflicts.


Southampton Water was used as a test site for the development of a multi-species shorebird model. The model was developed incorporating the important shorebird and prey species in the site. The numbers of shorebirds was be taken from a national monitoring programme and the abundance and distribution of their prey from surveys of the estuary. The model was be used to assess how much information is required to parameterise a multi-species behaviour-based model.



Funding and Collaboration

ABP Marine Environmental Research.

Related Paper:

Stillman, R.A., West, A.D., Clarke, R.T. & Liley, D. (2012) Solent Disturbance and Mitigation Project Phase II: Predicting the impact of human disturbance on overwintering birds in the Solent. Report to the Solent Forum. pp 119.