EVENT is simple event recording software. This page provides an overview of EVENT and allows the software to be downloaded.

EVENT is simple event recording software that displays a video and records the timing of events within the video. EVENT runs in Microsoft Windows 95 or later, and can display videos in the Windows Media Video (WMF) format.

Events are recorded by pressing keyboard letters when events are observed in the video file. Different letters can be associated with different types of event, allowing up to 26 types of event to be recorded.

The association between letters and types of event are defined by the user in a template file (a text file with the TEM extension). Template files also define observation variables that can be associated with a video file (e.g. the date and time on which it was collected).

Data are output to an event file (a text file with the EVE extension), which stores summary information for a video and template file, and the video time at which different events occur. Event files have a simple tab-delimited format which can be pasted or read into other software for further analysis.

EVENT can display videos at a range of speeds and can navigate within a video file. EVENT keeps the event file and video in sync, so that the entry position within the event file is always linked to the current video position.

EVENT is provided as a compressed file, EVENT.ZIP. For the purpose of following the user guide and getting to know how EVENT works it is best to expand this file to C:\EVENT. This will allow the test files supplied with EVENT to be used as part of this guide. The following files and folders should be present once EVENT.ZIP has been expanded.

C:\Event\Event.exe – EVENT program
C:\Event\Event user guide.doc – User guide
C:\Event\Video files\Test video file.wmv – Test video file
C:\Event\Template files\Test template file.tem – Test template file
C:\Event\Event files\Test event file.eve – Test event file

Any file locations or names can be used once a user has experience in using EVENT.

Download EVENT

EVENT is free software
Developed by Richard Stillman, Bournemouth University
For more information use the Contact page

Download EVENT
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